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The EC must respect our Tehn Addy Rights

 The Electoral Commissioner (EC) has set aside March 15 to March 29 to compile the Voters' Register for the impending elections in December 2004. According to the EC, the current register will replace the 2000 register, which turned out to be pregnant with errors. In turn, the 2000 register replaced the 1996 register, which replaced the 1992 r...
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Proposal To Change The Retirement Age For Public Servants

  In light of recent developments, in the vetting of Mr. Martin Amidu for the position of Special Prosecutor, I am renewing my call for the Constitution to be amended to change the retirement age of public servants to 70 years. In the hope, that Parliament will, this time, consider my proposal, I am setting this article in a form that can be a...
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